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My friend mentioned a while ago that they were planning on turning their loft into a space for the kids, and I just couldn’t help but start to collect a few pictures here and there for inspiration.

Their space includes a bedroom for each of the two kids, and a shared room in the middle. Great for games, movies, and general gymnastics…

Big sister just started school this year. I don’t usually gravitate towards pink, but this combination of dark grey and dusty pink really caught my eye. Not too childish, and mixes well with pops of other colours thrown in (I don’t know any kid with perfectly colour co-ordinated toys…probably a good thing). And a “grown-up” study area is a must, of course!

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Each of the kids’ rooms has sloping ceilings, with built in cupboards in the low walls. Perfect for a cozy little “secret” reading den?

Little brother is just turning three. I just love those dino drawer knobs, and I bet he would too! If dinosaurs are not his thing, toy cars, farm animals, even Lego bricks would work. Just add a little bit of DIY-imagination.
fun dino knobs / via Weekday Carnival
Animals, robots, cars and knights, all in shades of blue… I realise I’m not being overly original here. But I just can’t help it: I love all those things!
Sources (clockwise): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Both kids are known for being little gymnasts (right from the start!), so these pictures seemed like good inspiration for the common room in the middle. I bet the climbing wall would be a big hit!
Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

It proved more tricky to find pictures of a good looking TV area for the little ones. Are we trying to pretend our kids don’t watch TV? Come on….In a shared play room like this, I’d probably try to create a little nook where one can watch the TV without the other blocking the view while playing with something else. A cool little day bed filled with cushions would be both practical and look good!

color contrast, nice idea for kids

This was a small fraction of all the amazing kids’ spaces I’ve come across. I might have to start a “Kids’ room of the week” column!

See any you like?

I’m SO mainstream.


k-casesienahvid-side08ba1120x600 Make the white units matte, not glossy, and loose the frilly extractor. Get rid of the giant birch tree (and the strange lady). The tea can stay…

I’ve had a bit of a one track mind lately. And it’s all about kitchens!

Since we are designing our house from scratch, it means we can design the space to fit our ideal kitchen, rather than having to fit a kitchen into an existing space. What luxury!

But with great design freedom comes the blind planning panic…

It has to be BEAUTIFUL (but subtly so)!
It has to be FUNCTIONAL (but not boring)!
It has to be PERFECT (perfect, I tell you)!

I just know this is going to be a traumatic and stressful part of the planning process. I mean, the pressure! And I’m very hard to please, you know. All those years pouring over interior magazines has made me a bit of an interior snob fussy. It could take months for me to find something acceptable, not to mention available. We do live in a one-bathroom-shop-town. It might not even be possible!

I’d like a mix of black and white. A big island and a wall of units. Our initial sketches feature a tall window between the island and the wall units…

Oh, hello JKE.

Well, what do you know. I’m not so special. Turns out that kitchen (even down to the window between the units!) is right there. And not just online, but in the local bathroom shop too.

I’m SO mainstream.

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The invisible kitchen

I’m a big fan of open plan, multi-functional spaces.
Sure, there might be some draw-backs, like not being able to shut the door to the smells and mess of the kitchen, but I think I’d get too lonely if it was all closed off! We’re both social chefs, so I fear our diet would take a serious turn towards the “quickest thing to make”… Continue reading



Yes, I do.

There are lots of typographic posters around at the moment, ranging from the cool, to the cheeky, to the downright cheesy. This one might be a little bit of all those things, but it gets the balance just right!

Large print on stretched canvas From Australian Blacklist Studio (via The Minimalist).

The big room

When we were kids, a friend’s house had something they just referred to as the Big Room.

It was a large room that functioned as a hobby- and playroom for both the kids and grown-ups. There was a computer (where we spent hours and hours playing 90’s computer games), a sewing machine, a craft table, and a seating area.

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